Alarm Monitoring

24/7 Security Monitoring Services

We’re always going to be there whether you’re home or not. Our around-the-clock monitoring services guarantee help when you need it most, giving you fast response times for home intrusions, fires, and other failures that may occur within your business or residence. Protect your family, pets, and belongings with 24/7 security monitoring by Schnable Alarm Systems. 

Should an alarm be triggered, our 24/7 monitoring services allow immediate response times because we know that during an emergency, every second counts. 

Alarm monitoring allows for quick, detailed communication between your home’s security system and us, your security provider. When a signal comes to our system from any of your alarms, the appropriate emergency services are notified immediately. 

Each home’s system is unique, of course, but alarm monitoring works the same way–should a sensor be triggered (a door or window sensor, a motion detector is activated, water damage, as well as temperature monitoring, to ensure pipes don’t freeze, etc.) a signal is sent to the monitoring station immediately via the communication method you’ve selected. 

With Schnable,
you select the level of monitoring protection that’s right for you:

  • Landline / Cable (affordable)

    • Select this option if you want the bare minimum in protection at the best price, or if your home is in a WiFi dead zone.
  • Cellular (secure)

    • This option is best for homes with strong WiFi signals and those with smart devices

Unsure about which type of monitoring system or level of protection is right for you?

Our knowledgeable staff is here to answer all of your questions. 

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